Work culture differences

Focus on Asian and European work cultures.

We welcomed CheeChin Lieu, Enterprise Community Manager of BASF (based in Germany) to our work session on the theme of how work cultures differ in countries/regions. His presentation was entitled “How to work with people who think & act differently?”


CheeChin walked us through some theory and academic studies, then moved straight to specific and practical differences between Asian and European work customs.Our IntraNetwork member from Nissan added a number of specific points and examples from his experience in an organization with corporate headquarters in Japan, but regional in Europe (along with 2 other locations).

We also looked a how Scandinavian work cultures differ through another short case study from a previous IntraNetwork member.

Overall, the session triggered a lot of questions, discussions and sharing of experiences. A good number of the members of IntraNetwork have lived and worked in different countries so we had a lot of “matière première” as we say in French.