Sanofi Pasteur chez IntraNetwork: Experimenting with new ways of working

Dany DeGrave, Senior Director, Strategic Alignment, Expertise & Innovation, R&D chez Sanofi Pasteur nous a présenté le programme M :

M logo _ original

“M creates a safe environment for initiative-taking by those who see the benefit. A social collaboration platform called M-connect provides the backbone for online communication and global sharing. It connects over 600 people in the three countries where Project M is in effect (USA, Canada and France).”

“M represents Me or Moi. M is an experiment in new ways of working, inspiring engagement, and unleashing talent. It is driven by employees. M creates the ecosystem, the conditions for people to connect in new ways across silos. It enables them to create new types of value by launching activities that are outside their day-to-day.”

UPDATE: M a été présenté dans l’étude The Organization in the Digital Age, publiée par Jane McConnell.