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Membership-based workgroup of digital managers

IntraNETWORK is a membership-based workgroup of managers in global companies who are involved in organizational change and the workplace of the future of their respective organizations.

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How we work

There are virtual and physical sessions. The IntraNetwork physical sessions take place in Paris. The working language of the group is French, although the members all speak English, especially when we have English-speaking people with us, which is quite often. 

The sessions take place a minimum of 10 times a year: approximately 4 in physical sessions and 6 in virtual sessions with guests from around the world.

Each session is structured around a theme, a digital visit or a special guest. See the programs 201820172016201520142013 et 2012.

Led by Jane McConnell

The group is led by Jane McConnell, globally-known thought leader in the digital workplace/intranet world. 

Jane McConnell, advisor and analyst on stratégies for digital workplaces in large, global organizations for 18 years. She has conducted 120 intranet/digital workplace projects for over 60 international organizations.  Elle created the “intranet/digital workplace” research survey in 2006 and publishes and publishes an annual report, dont la plus récente : The Organization in the Digital Age. 

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She publishes in management publications:  The Company Cultures that Help (or Hinder) Digital Transformation and Tracking the Trends in Bringing Our Own Devices to Work in the Harvard Business Review. How Digital Leaders Inspire Engagement and  Neutralize Internal Politics in Digital Initiatives published by MITSloan Management. She ran a webinar for MITSloan Management: Don’t Let Politics Block Your Digital Initiatives

What members say

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« As part of my current role, I need to set the example if I want to bring open innovation and collaboration within my Company; and what a better place to “walk the talk” than in the IntraNetwork events where I’ve found a safe environment where I can share my experience and hurdles with other high quality peers willing to help and offer constructive ideas and points of view. »   VP Innovation Networks

« It’s so incredibly rich, with new people and topics popping up all the time. Time just flies during IntraNetwork sessions! »  Internal Communications, Group Communications

« ….IntraNetWork provides that first circle of contacts allowing us to build relationships and follow progress in other organizations. …. the supply of ideas and inspiration is constant. » Digital Transformation & Collaboration

« ….IntraNetwork nous offre l’opportunité d’échanger avec nos pairs dans le cadre de séances de travail instructives et de conversations ouvertes et passionnées….. »  Responsables de l’Intranet Corporate et sa gouvernance

« Le réseau IntraNetwork donne l’opportunité à ses membres de se rencontrer régulièrement pour échanger et partager…ce qui permet de faire du benchmark sur les solutions mises en œuvre dans les autres entreprises…. » , Responsable Intranet – Groupe de Transport

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