Community management: strategy and practices from BASF and COWI

Our February session took place in English with two guests:  CheeChin Liew, based in Germany and Enterprise Community Manager at BASF and Nina Sonne Nikolaisen, based in Denmark and project manager for COWI.

Our theme was business value from communities and how to optimize them. Both guests shared their experiences and brought fresh ideas to the group.


CheeChin has long experience working with communities and shared both the BASF experience with us with many specific examples. He provided a link to a BASF presentation on Slideshare as well: “Creating Chemistry with an Online Business Network

Nina talked about how the COWI project management site has also become the place for “water cooler” conversations among team members and their clients, bringing a strong human dimension to project management. She also talked about the extensive and efficient process she used to define requirements for the new COWI project site that would meet the needs of a wide variety of project managers and clients around the world.