Amadeus unifying a diverse digital eco-system

It was a pleasure to have Amadeus as our guest in our session at the end of May. Amadeus was the first intranet project that Jane McConnell, creator of IntraNetwork, worked on over 17 years ago.

Amadeus, a young company with a young workforce is made up of people from 123 nationalities and 56 languages. Out of the 14,200 workforce, mover than 6,000 are developers.


The Amadeus external business model is platform-based, so it is – in a sense – logical to see that internally

It brings together thousands of different players in the travel industry, one that is being severely disrupted today.


In our work session, we saw the strategy currently being deployed internally to build coherence around a widely diversified set in digital tools. This is a challenge that many members of IntraNetwork also face today. It triggers a number of people and change issues, and sharing experiences makes us understand that “we are all facing similar challenges!”.